The DhhEAF Tennis Program is awesome!!! image

The DhhEAF Tennis Program is awesome!!!

Please support our underserved students


DHH students-Attentive and eager to learn

DhhEAF is the only program in America which teaches life's lessons to Deaf and hard of hearing youth through tennis. Beyond tennis, the Deaf & hard of hearing Educational Athletic Foundation helps our students in various ways as we prioritize our focus on health & education.

For most Deaf children, life is not easy. Over 99% of the world doesn't know your language & they have no friends at home because they are usually bussed to a centralized school. Our classes are presented in a fun way that instills an individual ethos that can give these students self-confidence when faced with academic, as well as personal, challenges. We have an immediate impact by stimulating their minds, their spirit, and their bodies with thinking, learning and physical activity. All of which can last throughout their lifetime.

Although tennis is the perfect activity for this group because there are no bells & whistles, DhhEAF is the only way that most of our students will ever touch a racket & receive professional lessons. We uniquely have the knowledge, skills and experience to validate reaching additional DHH students & hope that you will champion our cause with financial support.